Emotional troubles such as frustration

emotional troubles such as frustration

Adjustments in the diet should be made so that refined sugars are not included. Regular parent/child playing, such as doing a shiatsu treatment together, will bring a sense of security to the child and a bonding with the parents. Parents can help their children by encouraging them to honestly express themselves.

Emotional and Mental Conditions
Traditional natural healing has always linked the body and mind together. It is felt that physical problems will create mental or emotional states and that prolonged negative emotions can adverse¬ly affect the internal organs. Our emotions are reflections of our mental state and are produced by various stimulations in the envi¬ronment. These include one’s job, relationships, and thoughts about oneself. Generally, emotions have a changing nature. They come and go. However, if the emotions are very intense and persistent or the individual is hypersensitive to the stimulations, they may result in a deep change of outlook on life and lead to disease.
The following chart shows the internal organs and the emo¬tional and mental states connected with these organs. To effectively treat the problem, a combination of the macrobiotic diet and treating specific areas with shiatsu can be done. For example, someone suf¬fering from depression should specifically have the lung, large in¬testine, and liver areas treated. (See appropriate treatment section in this book for details). Also breathing, either as an exercise or in the form of long walks, will alleviate the depressed attitude.
The aim of treatment is to remove physical rigidity thus mak¬ing the body flexible. This in turn will relieve mental rigidity. If you are overly sensitive or have any mental problem, try to use your body more. Movement will make you feel more balanced.

Emotional and Mental Conditions

Area of Treatment
Heart Heart
Liver, Lung and Large Intestine Heart and Liver Liver and Heart
Liver Liver and Gall Bladder
Pancreas and Spleen Pancreas and Spleen
Kidney Kidney and Stomach

Mental Instability Insomnia
Anger Irritability
Poor Memory
Inability to Concentrate
Lack of Confidence

To use the above chart effectively first determine which emotional state the receiver experiences most often. Match up the corresponding physical areas, located directly across from the emotions list. Treat the physical area with shiatsu and other appropri¬ate techniques described in the respective sections found in this book. Additionally, help the receiver to understand the source of the emotional trouble through counseling and discussion. Macrobiotic and Oriental medicine see the body and mind as insepar¬able. “The Body and Mind are not two.” This simple approach is quite effective

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